Thursday, July 3, 2008

Coaster Box

So, the other day my husband emailed me from work and said that he really needed something to keep his pens in and could I make him something? Well, of course I said that I might have a "few" things I could use to whip something up! I had been thinking about making him a picture frame using the On Board Book Basics and the East Coast Prep Designer Paper, but since he had asked for a pen holder, I decided to combine the two.

I started with five square coasters that I have had around for a while and never used for anything. I covered four of the coasters with different patterns of the designer paper. To adhere the paper, I use a Stampin' Up! Glue Stick and then roll over it with a brayer after I have positioned the paper on the coaster. Be generous with the glue and you won't have any problems with the paper staying on the coaster. I mounted my pictures on coordinating card stock and attached them to the coasters before I started assembling the box.

I punched holes in the corners of each coaster using my Crop-A-Dile. Most of the boxes I have seen like this use ribbon to attach all the coasters together, but since this was for my husband, I used some jump rings I bought for jewelry making and have never used. I attached the bottom of the box by pushing the fifth coaster up into the box a bit and then gluing small strips of card stock to both the bottom and the sides of the box.

After I took the pictures, I thought that the box might be a bit too big for a pen holder, so I took another coaster and trimmed about half an inch off and used it to create a divider in the box. I attached the divider piece to the sides of the box using packing tape. This way, my husband can put pens in one side and post-its in the other.

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