Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 Calendar

I thought I would give you a break from the birthday cards and share some of the pages from the calendars I made. Last Christmas I started making calendars as gifts for all the grandparents and I decided that it's a gift that I'll give them each year.

My dad told me a funny story about his calendar. He keeps his at work and he never has to remember to turn it over to the new month because the ladies who work for him are so excited to see the next month that they always have it turned on the first day of the month. I got such a kick out of that!

I swear to you that this picture is not staged, I walked into the living room one day and my daughter was sitting on the couch pretending to read my book. You can tell what my other hobby is besides crafting!

All of these pages were created with My Digital Studio.  I hope you enjoy them!  I'll share the rest with you soon!


Catherine said...
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Catherine said...

Love the February picture. Did she enjoy Comfort Food? PS - I deleted the previous comment b/c it had a typo - and you can't edit, only delete!