Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Craft Space Tour

This has been my craft space for almost four years, but until last year, it was also our only guest room.  It had a full size bed and it seemed to be the place where everything that didn't have a home ended up.  Now it's pretty much full time craft space although there is a Futon in there for when we have multiple guests. I have been doing some hard core cleaning and organizing of the space.  I've thrown a lot away and I've put aside things for a yard sale this spring and a friend just had a craft swap at her house and I got rid of tons of stuff and made some money, too!

I finally feel like everything pretty much has a place.  I do have a few areas that need some more work, but they will be small jobs and for the most part they are behind closed doors. So here is my craft space:

My main work area.  I like to have everything within reach while I am stilling at my desk. Mostly that consists of papercrafting supplies since that is what I use the most.  I will talk more about these areas in the detailed pictures.
The other side of my craft room.  This is the opposite corner of the room from the desk.  This holds miscellanious craft supplies, finished product for my Etsy Shop.  Fabric is stored in the red box and the clear box under it.  All of my sewing notions are in a drawer of the grey filing cabinet on the left.

This cabinet sits to the left of my desk.  All my patterned paper and punches are in drawers on top and inside the cabinet are my Big Shot and dies, 12 x 12 cardstock, chip board, and some scrapbook projects that are in progress.

Next to that cabinet is a tall media storage cabinet from Ikea (at least that is what it's supposed to be used for!).  I store [some] embellishments, ink cartridges for wheels, Stampin' Spots, and extra glue dots in the top section.  In the bottom I keep my colored cardstock paper scraps.  Each color is in a seperate cello bag.  Since this cabinet is metal, I have some magnetic containers on the outside with my scissors and my color coach in them.

I didn't get a good picture of my peg board, but you can sort of see it in the picture above.  This is one of the best things I have in my craft room in terms of organization.  Almost anything I could figure out how to hang is on there.  I've got rulers, small punches, wheels, heat gun, stamp-a-ma-jig, etc up there.
Here is a close up of my work space. Starting from the left, I have some mini drawers that contain glue dots, my Mat Pack, dimensionals, post it notes and punched pieces I have not used.  One drawer is actually empty!  The drawers were a recent purchase to help keep things a little neater on my desk. Then I have my stamp pads in the Stampin' Up! Caddy.  I have a magazine holder with catalogs, magazines and sketches I have printed out.  I have a page from the new Stampin' Up! catalog that has the new color families cliped to the front.  I had to have something out for reference because I could never find anything! Next, I have a little bucket with pens, scissors, bone folder, hobby knife and styluses (is that the plural of stylus?). I have another magazine holder with neutral scraps.  I have to say this used to be in a basket and it was starting to take over my desk, so I put the majority of it in the recycle bin while I was cleaning.
Next to the scraps is a ribbon keeper and then a container with various adhesives in it.  The black line between the adhesive and the wooden drawers is my stampin scrub.  The wooden drawers were a gift from my aunts a few years ago.  They hold celo bags, envelopes, [more] embelishments, more adhesive and magnet sheets.  The bottom drawer used to stay pretty inaccesable because of all the stuff I kept piled on my desk, so it pretty much contains junk.  (Remeber I mentioned some areas that still need work?)  On top of that is a little set of drawers that conatin replacement blades for my paper cutters, paper clips, and other various office supplies. There is a lazy susan on top of that with cans of sharpies, other pens, and more scissors.  I also keep my Stampin' Mist and tape dispenser on there.

The shelves over my desk are where I keep all of my stamps, embossing powders and my Stampin' Up! markers, plus various other stuff.  My stamps are vaguely grouped in catagories.  Under my desk (well, technically they are holding up the desk) are two filing cabinets.  One holds current 8 1/2 x 11 card stock and the other holds retired Stampin' Up! cardstock.

So that's my space.  I hope you enjoyed the tour!  I am really going to try to keep it this clean since it does make it easier to work.