Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sewing Projects

I got several sewing projects done recently. One for me and two for my daughter.

 This is the Little Ruffle Skirt from Carolina Fair Designs. I found the fabric in the remenat bin at the fabric store and I just happened to have a green t-shirt in the scrap bin that matched perfectly for the ruffle. Yeah repurposing!

I also repurposed a pair of my daugher's jeans with a big hole in the knee. I wanted to make a pair of jean shorts, but didn't want the ragged edge, so I trimed the legs with strips of fabric. The strips are wrapped to the inside with the edges turned under and top stitched.

Finally, I made a draw string skirt for myself. I followed the basic instructions found here.

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Chris said...

Hooray for sewing! The skirts look great, and your daughter is adorable. I hope you have a lovely weekend.